Brand : Actuated Valves
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Various Actuator to operate any kind of valves includes:

1/ Pneumatic Actuator

1.1/ Rack & Pinion Actuator

1.2/ Scotch Yoke  Actuator

1.3/ Cylinder Actuator

1.4/ Diaphragm Actuator 

 2/ Hydraulic Actuator

 3/ Gas Over Oil Actuator

 4/ Electric Actuator

 5/ Electrohydraulic Actuator 


Special Requirement on the Actuated Valves includes:-

1/ Partial Stroke Test Facility for Emergency Shutdown Valves

2/ Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Calculation for complete Actuated Valves 

3/ Special instrumentation system to meet project requirement

4/ Fast stroke time in opening and closing operation

5/ Offshore painting 

6/ Fast track delivery with less than 8 weeks 

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